From our President


Dear Symphony League Members,

Hello and Happy New Year to all!  I hope you had the opportunity to ring in the new year with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.  What a wonderful concert!  Isn’t it nice to know that we shall be hearing beautiful symphonic music in 2017!

As your president, I want to take every opportunity available to thank and support or League Executive Committee and Members at Large for all they do.  You have recently heard from our Vice President of Education, Deborah Deas, and Vice President of Projects, Carol Naugles, about our upcoming emphasis on education and our ongoing methods to donate to the Symphony League.  These ongoing donations and profits from special projects are added to funds for our monetary contributions made to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. (Our yearly dues basically cover operating expenses for the League.)

Our volunteer efforts, with emphasis on EDUCATION for children and adults, continues to fulfill the League’s mission statement.  Please mark your calendars for reading in the schools, January 30-February 3rd.  Ushering for the Kinder concerts is February 14th and 15th; Link Up concerts are March 2nd and 3rd.  Please support Deborah Deas  in this massive volunteer effort. More details will follow.

Whether you are participating in hospitality events for orchestra members or audition candidates, or helping to grow our membership by 17% this year, we need “all hands on deck” to “make positive contributions to our community.”

Let’s all include in our new year’s resolution for 2017, the commitment to elevate our involvement in the Symphony League.  There is something for everyone’s interest.  Let’s all be a part of the fun, enjoyment, and accomplishment that involvement in Symphony League activities can provide.  Remember, we are “Continuing the Tradition…..Making a Difference.”

Best Wishes in the New Year,

Johanna Kimpland,President

Symphony League of Fort Worth

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