Trinity Terrace with Shih and Bray

Johanna Kimpland, Symphony League president, announces 2017-2018 officer recommendations made by Tim Latta and her committee.

Chair: Tim Latta,
Committee Members: Darlene Watson, Christine Becker and Lenna Recer
President, Johanna Kimpland
First Vice President, Programs, Peggy Rixie
Vice President, Membership, Libby Ann Stenevik
Vice President, Projects, Carol Naugles
Vice President, Hospitality, Petra Grimes
Vice President, Education, Tim Latta
Recording Secretary, Judy Rye
Treasurer, Phyllis Worrell
Corresponding Secretary, Deborah Deas
Executive Advisor, Dotty Hall
Parliamentarian, Darlene Watson
TASO Representative, Carol Naugles
Audition Hospitality, Linda Sue Jones and Ava Martin
Orchestra Hospitality, Dotty Hall
Liaison to FWSO Staff, Gary Hall
Notification, Connie Alexander
Recruitment, Carol Owens
Communications Reporter, Karen Ferguson
Advocacy, Nancy Davis
FWSO Liaison, Kirsten Shivers

Johanna Kimpland

Michael Shih and Buddy Bray

Trinity Terrace





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